[Review Buku]: A Portrait Of New Zealand

“A Portrait of New Zealand is not only one of our favourite scenic books — It is a best seller with over 230.000 copies sold since first publication”

A land in which nature’s creative forces are still awesomely at work, New Zealand can truthfully be described as one of the world’s last unspoilt countries.  Presented in this stunning collection of photographs and descriptive text is the sheer spectacle of the North Island’s active volcanoes and thermal regions, of its idyllic beaches and glorious bush.  Here too is displayed the scenic grandeur of the South Island, including the lofty Southern Alps, and the wild appeal of Rakiura / Stewart Island.

A Portrait of New Zealand is one of the country’s longest-standing and best-selling scenic books, and the images in this edition have been newly reproduced to portray Warren Jacobs photographs as faithfully an accurately as possible.  The text has been fully updated and revised, and together the words and images pay a magnificent tribute to the majesty of New Zealand’s breathtaking natural beauty. 

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